Saturday, June 11, 2011

HATERS..You Are Fired!

Assalamualakum and g00d day peeps! Today my entry is in English.. Maybe Anwar Hadi's influence. And maybe I get C+ for Malay test recently..

Well,haters.. You are damn famous around the world.. And everybody not escape from this curse.. Is in a curse? Think back. it maybe from our fault. Maybe.. Or this people are jealous. They didn't get what we achieve today..

Or,this haters don't know us deep inside.. You know. Yea that kind of thing. Please haters! Think if you in his/ her place, I don't know.. Yea, I have 1 too.. Naa, its not 1.. Many of them.. If its justified, I'll smack your face with hammer and soaked it in a toilet.. Flush them.. Serve you right..

Don't judge people if you don't know the truth, haters. Human makes mistakes. Human are not perfect in case you don't know it, maybe. Lack of knowledge maybe.
But believe me, human try their best to satisfied other, to make others comfortable with them. But if their fail, you have no right to ambushed them. Or gossips with your best friends or make the nonsense shit status in Facebook.. We are civilized people right. Don't criticize, advise INSTEAD! Or if you are not too coward to face mano- o mano, letters,text! We not live in 60s, I BELIEVE..

I'M ANGRY. Yea. I'M NOT GOOD IN ENGLISH TOO. but I... Just forget about it. I need some food or this will become 16 hundreds time worst FROM THIS..

Sorry... I just give my opinion...So long.

Malas Nak Komen Like Jer

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