Friday, February 10, 2012

Virgos Fun Facts..

   Proudly Virgos, some cool fact that I kindly agreed.. Hahaha

  • Virgos are different kind of emotional.
  • Virgos loves to make others happy.
  • Virgos never fails to make you laugh or put smile in your face.
  • Virgos very concerned about their appearance ,always checking themselves to look 'perfect' enough
  • Virgos is shy when they first meet you, but then quite a chatter box when we get comfortable.
  • Virgos is uncomfortable around everyone else's mess unless their own.. kihkihkih
  • Virgos are loyal.
  • A Virgos Pride is important for them.. Thaey don't want to do something and do not succeed.
  • Virgos loves giving criticism. They are natural born critics. On the flipside, the don't like to be remind of their own mistake..
  • If Virgos think you are mad fo a dumb reasons, they will let you still mad.
Malas Nak Komen Like Jer


  1. perghhhhhhhh header comel gila.... aaaarhhh jeles *tak retti*


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